Eugene Wetzold - Co-Founder and President
Mr. Wetzold is responsible for the overall management and strategic direction of WPG with emphasis on asset management and capital markets advisory services. With 39 years experience in Capital Markets, Mr. Wetzold has extensive experience in asset management, asset valuation, fixed income trading and sales, whole loan sales, asset liability management, asset finance and best execution analysis. He has worked extensively with portfolios of residential, multi-family, commercial mortgages, consumer loan and leases, student loans and auto loans and leases; as well as asset backed securities and mortgage derivatives. Prior to co-founding WPG he was an SVP at Boston Portfolio Advisors where he managed the firms Asset management and Capital Markets advisory services. Additionally, Mr. Wetzold worked for several Wall Street investment banking firms including Salomon Smith Barney, Tucker Anthony, Inc., and L.F. Rothschild, where he held senior positions in their Capital Markets divisions in both institutional sales and trading. Through out his career Mr. Wetzold has helped clients and institutions optimize their asset performance and profitability. Mr. Wetzold earned his B.S. in Management from St. John’s University.

John VanCora - Co-Founder and EVP Business Development
Mr. VanCora is EVP of Business Development for WPG, and is responsible for developing business strategy, new business opportunities, managing client relationships, securing strategic longer-term relationships and assisting in client engagements as needed. With 33 years of experience in the capital markets, sales, mortgage banking, servicing, and consulting services Mr. VanCora has proven experience in matching client needs with solutions, optimizing product offerings, and facilitating a smooth transaction or engagement process. His extensive contacts in the Wall Street community and mortgage industry combined with a broad-based knowledge of financial products provides clients with the right solutions to better manage their assets, operations & growth. Prior to co-founding WPG with Mr. Wetzold, Mr. VanCora served as Director of Business Development for both Boston Portfolio Advisors and Ocwen Financial Corporation. In this capacity he sourced, facilitated, and closed numerous sales of residential and commercial loan servicing portfolios, RMBS, whole loans, niche mortgage M&A and consulting services. Previously, Mr. VanCora worked for several Wall Street investment banking firms including Lehman Brothers, J.P. Morgan, and E.F. Hutton, where he analyzed ,traded and sold a wide range of securities, commercial paper, treasuries, derivatives, and other assets. Mr. VanCora earned his B.S. in Finance from Manhattan College and his MBA in Financial Management from Iona College.

Dave Vida - Chief Operating Officer
David Vida is the Chief Operating Officer at WPG. He is responsible for client delivery and overall firm operations as well as business development and strategic partnerships. Mr. Vida has more than 30 years of financial services experience and has built and run several servicing enterprises and held senior roles at large mortgage origination companies and industry vendors. Most recently, he was the Executive Vice-President Enterprise Sales Leader for Computershare Loan Services. He was previously the President of the Mortgage Services Division and Chief Strategy Officer at LenderLive Network, LLC and was responsible for the company’s BPO fulfillment, lending, and loan servicing operations. Prior to joining LenderLive, he founded one of the industry’s first high-touch special servicers; and spent five years as a senior leader in a variety of roles with a large mortgage division of H&R Block, where he was responsible for strategy, finance, and the company’s future operating platform. He was co-founder and president of City Mortgage Services, the industry’s second largest originator and servicer of junior lien mortgages. Mr. Vida started his career with KPMG and is a frequent panelist and contributor to mortgage industry conferences and associations. Dave is a Certified Public Accountant and graduated with a degree in Finance from CSULB where he was a collegiate athlete.

Neil Loutan - Principal and SVP of Capital Markets and Originator Services
Mr. Loutan is responsible for overall financial, capital markets analysis, reporting, and building valuation models for all types of asset-backed portfolios including residential and commercial loan portfolios, student loan portfolios, auto loan/lease portfolios, securitization residuals, ESRs, and I/Os. Additionally, Mr. Loutan manages WPG’s offerings in Originator Services. Prior to joining WPG, he worked at Boston Portfolio Advisors for five years as a Director of Financial Analysis, and was involved in numerous complex transactions involving residuals and various forms of loan collateral. Additionally, Mr. Loutan spent two years as a Senior Risk Management Analyst and Loan Trader at, an online loan origination company with annual originations in the billions. While at, Mr. Loutan sold whole loans and bulk loans in excess of $30 million per week. In his risk management capacity, he developed delinquent loan risk-reduction strategies, loan pricing, operational streamlining procedures, and financial analyses and projections for their secondary marketing operations. Mr. Loutan earned his B.S. in International Business and M.B.A. from Florida Atlantic University.

Dennis O'Brien - Principal and SVP of Servicing Review and Surveillance
Mr. O’Brien is responsible for the development and execution of the portfolio management and servicer oversight products including; servicer performance analysis, loan sampling and due diligence, regulatory and contractual compliance, collections effectiveness, profitability analysis, and management reporting. With 27 years experience in the mortgage and loan servicing industry, Mr. O’Brien’s background encompasses a broad range of servicing functions including business development and client relations; data analysis; audits; process improvement, portfolio performance reviews; and regulatory and contractual compliance. He has provided strategic and loan level analysis for investors at many of the leading mortgage servicing operations and has assisted servicers directly in managing rating agency reviews, GSE certifications and vendor selection and oversight. Prior to joining WPG, Mr. O’Brien worked as Director of Servicer Review and Oversight at Boston Portfolio Advisors. Additionally, Mr. O’Brien worked as a Senior Manager of Investor Relations and Contract Compliance for Ocwen Federal Bank, one of the nation’s largest providers of loan servicing for the mortgage and real estate industry. In these capacities he performed servicing portfolio audits and servicing reviews involving all major rating agencies and governmental entities. Previously, Mr. O’Brien was a Vice President at Pinnacle Data Corporation where he delivered bundled tax, flood and hazard tracking services to clients throughout the servicing industry. Mr. O’Brien earned his B.A. from Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University.

Dennis Lynch - Director of Servicer Surveillance and Oversight
Dennis Lynch is the senior project manager responsible for oversight in; loan boarding, remittance practices, collections, loan resolution effectiveness, regulatory & contractual compliance; and management reporting. He has integrated data and procedure streams from numerous servicing operations into the WPG’s oversight programs, generating loan level exceptions for review and is primarily responsible for the loan boarding & foreclosure oversight process. He maintains knowledge of the servicing environment and best practices by conducting on-site servicer reviews. With over twenty years of experience in the loan servicing industry, Mr. Lynch has extensive background in loan servicing functions including loan boarding & transfers, escrow processes, internal and third party audits, and technology initiatives related to loan servicing. Prior to joining WPG in 2006, Mr. Lynch worked for Ocwen Loan Servicing, LLC. In his position as Senior Manager of Loan Servicing and Operations, his responsibilities included all aspects of loan servicing operations, senior management reporting, six sigma process improvements, and vendor relations. Mr. Lynch also has experience in customer service, collections, imaging, payment processing, and quality control & assurance. .

George Schlacht - Director of Servicer and Originator Surveillance and Oversight
Mr. Schlacht is responsible for conducting operational due diligence interviews and loan level analysis in both remote and on-site field assignments. George assists WPG clients with Originator & Servicer assessment and operational due diligence reviews. With a background in all aspects of mortgage processes he has provided loan servicing & originations reviews, fraud reviews, early payment default analysis, and due diligence of loan files prior to asset purchase & sales. Mr. Schlacht has over 40 years’ experience in the mortgage banking and financial services industry. His varied background has enabled him to provide extensive services for WPG and its clients since WPG’s inception. Prior to working with WPG, he was the VP of Asset Marketing for the Fleet National Bank where he managed the sale of over 50,000 assets. Before Fleet he was an Asset Marketing Specialist for the FDIC, in addition to providing operational due diligence support to the FHLB of Atlanta. Other experience in the industry includes retail loan originations, whole sale loan originations, pipeline management and loan servicing including collections and foreclosures. Mr. Schlacht has a long standing relationship with the principals of WPG dating back over 20 years. .

Amy Stellatos - Director of Servicer and Originator Surveillance and Oversight
Ms. Stellatos is responsible for conducting operational due diligence interviews and loan level analysis in both remote and on-site field assignments. Amy’s experience in loan originations and residential mortgage processing has assisted her with conducting origination reviews for WPG as well as foreclosure and flood reviews. Amy plays an integral part in daily reporting of multiple servicer loan level reviews to ensure servicing activities meet the expectations of the client. Prior to joining WPG in 2022, Ms. Stellatos worked for Fay Servicing in both their REO and Loan Originations departments. Prior to Fay, Amy worked for Fannie Mae in their REO department for 8 years during, and after the financial crisis, managing a large portfolio of REO properties and managing properties in Flint, MI that were impacted with lead in their water and necessitated lead remediation. .