Eugene Wetzold - Principal and President
Mr. Wetzold is responsible for the overall management and strategic direction of WPG with particular emphasis on asset management and Capital Markets advisory services. With 25 years experience in the Capital Markets, Mr. Wetzold has extensive experience in asset management, asset valuation, fixed income trading and sales, whole loan sales, asset liability management, asset finance and best execution analysis. He has worked extensively with portfolios of residential, multi-family, commercial mortgages, consumer loan and leases, student loans and auto loans and leases. Prior to co-founding WPG he was an SVP at Boston Portfolio Advisors where he managed the firms Asset management and Capital Markets advisory services. Additionally Mr. Wetzold worked for several Wall Street investment banking firms including Salomon Smith Barney, Tucker Anthony, Inc., and L.F. Rothschild, where he held senior positions in their Capital Markets divisions in both institutional sales and trading. Through-out his career Mr. Wetzold has helped clients and institutions optimize their asset performance and profitability. Mr. Wetzold earned his B.S. in Management suma cum laude from St. John’s University.

John VanCora - Principal and SVP Business Development
Mr. VanCora is Senior Vice President of Business Development for WPG, and is responsible for developing new business opportunities, managing client relationships, and securing strategic business partners. With 18 years experience in the Capital Markets, mortgage banking, and sales, Mr. VanCora has proven experience in matching client needs and wants with solutions.  His extensive contacts in the Wall Street community and mortgage industry combined with a broad-based knowledge of financial products provide clients with the right solutions to better manage their assets and operations. Prior to co- founding WPG with Mr. Wetzold, Mr. VanCora served as Director of Business Development for both Boston Portfolio Advisors and Ocwen Financial Corporation. In this capacity he sourced, facilitated, and closed numerous sales of residential and commercial loan servicing, whole loans, ancillary servicing products and consulting services. Previously, Mr. VanCora worked for several Wall Street investment banking firms including Lehman Brothers, J.P. Morgan, and E.F. Hutton, where he analyzed and traded a wide range of assets.  Mr. VanCora earned his B.S. in Finance from Manhattan College and his MBA in Financial Management from Iona College.

Dennis O'Brien - Principal and Vice President of Servicing Review and Surveillance
Dennis O’Brien is Vice President of Servicer Review and Surveillance for WPG. He is responsible for the overall management and execution of loan servicer reviews including performance analysis; loan sampling and due diligence; regulatory and contractual compliance; collections effectiveness; profitability analysis; and management reporting. Mr. O’Brien’s background encompasses a broad range of servicing functions including; servicer and collateral performance reviews, data analysis, audits, and regulatory and contractual compliance. Prior to joining WPG, Mr. O’Brien worked as Director of Servicer Review and Oversight at Boston Portfolio Advisors. Additionally Mr. O’Brien worked as a Senior Manager of Investor Relations for Ocwen Federal Bank, one of the nation’s largest providers of loan servicing for the mortgage and real estate industry. He has performed portfolio audits and servicing reviews involving all major rating agencies and governmental entities. Previously, Mr. O’Brien was a Vice President at Pinnacle Data Corporation where he delivered bundled tax, flood and hazard tracking services to clients throughout the industry. Mr. O’Brien earned his B.A. from Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University.

Neil Loutan -Principal and Vice President of Capital Markets
Mr. Loutan is Vice President of Capital Markets at WPG. In such capacity he is responsible for overall financial and Capital Markets analysis, reporting, and building valuation models for all types of asset-backed portfolios including residential and commercial loan portfolios, student loan portfolios, auto loan/lease portfolios, securitization residuals, ESRs, and I/Os. Prior to joining WPG worked at Boston Portfolio Advisors for five years as a Director of Financial Analysis, and was involved in numerous complex transactions involving residuals and various forms of loan collateral. Additionally Mr. Loutan spent two years as a Senior Risk Management Analyst and Loan Trader at, an online loan origination company with annual originations of $2 billion.  While at, Mr. Loutan sold whole loans and bulk loans in excess of $30 million per week.  In his risk management capacity, he developed delinquent loan risk-reduction strategies, loan pricing, operational streamlining procedures, and financial analyses and projections for their secondary marketing operations. Mr. Loutan earned his B.S. in International Business and M.B.A. from Florida Atlantic University.

Kent Jolliff -Director & General Counsel
Mr. Jolliff is a Director & General Counsel for WPG, and is responsible for developing new business opportunities, managing client relationships and performing General Counsel duties for WPG. With over 28 years experience, Mr. Jolliff’s extensive background in mortgage servicing, creditor rights, regulatory matters, compliance issues and other asset backed loan classes complements WPG’s current team in assisting clients with complex issues and providing solutions. Prior to joining WPG, he has served in senior positions as in-house counsel for several national mortgage loan servicing operations, as a private practitioner and as a state Assistant Attorney General. Mr. Jolliff received his J.D. from the University of Arkansas School of Law and his B.A. from Wheaton College (IL) and has been admitted to practice before the United States Supreme Court, the United States Court of Appeals for the Eight Circuit, both United States District Courts for the State of Arkansas and the Arkansas Supreme Court.