Prior engagements demonstrate the breadth and depth of services the WPG team can provide clients in the mortgage sector:

•  Scratch & Dent, subperforming, nonperforming, and residual asset purchases on behalf of  clients
•  Asset Management of large and complex securitization residual and whole loan portfolios
•  Valuation and modeling of residual assets including best execution analysis for complex asset
•  Situational Advisory relating to strategic M&A, Strategic Alignment or Mission Critical Planning
•  Servicer file reviews targeted to specific client needs or in conjunction with residual or loan purchases
•  Servicing operational review, GAP analysis and traditional Servicer Reviews; similar to rating agency audit
•  Pro-active servicer reviews to rank and risk weight servicing partners
•  New Issuer advisory work on selecting third-party servicer in conjunction with securitizations
•  Special servicing Oversight on behalf of clients for sub, non and reperforming assets
•  Servicing Surveillance and detailed Loan Review Program
•  Special Servicing Oversight, Surveillance and Detailed Loan Review Program
•  First Payment Default, Early Payment Default, and Breach Review Analysis and Fulfillment
•  Due Diligence and Underwriting for esoteric and higher touch assets
•  Surveillance during servicing transfer, servicing advance reconciliation, and loan boarding oversight
•  Originator Operational review, analysis and assessment